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Zoonotic diseases can be more than an irritation
Published: 06/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diseases which can be transmitted between humans and animals must be taken seriously, says Farm Gate vet Mark Stott.

Control fluke in young stock to safeguard milking herds
Published: 06/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Rachel Porter identifies the best advice that SQPs can give on preventing liver fluke.

Survey shows different strategies on vaccination
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Farmers trust vets’ advice - but don’t always take it.

Lameness takes its toll on welfare and profit
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diagnosis of the cause of lameness is essential for giving the correct treatment and creating a successful prevention plan, says Farm Gate vet Mark Stott.

Focus on hygiene in fight against mastitis
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diagnostics and good management are the weapons to help newly calved heifers, says Rachael Porter.

Plan turnout tactics to safeguard cattle health
Published: 02/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Dairy farmers will be looking forward to turnout, but need to minimise the risk of staggers and clostridial diseases. Farm Gate vet Mark Stott suggests tactics to follow.


Latest News
Referendum view from the National Beef Association - 27-06-2016

Chris Mallon, Chief Executive of the National Beef Association, has made a statement on the EU Referendum

Precision pig farming project under way - 22-06-2016

A £300,000 project to improve the efficiency of UK pig production through precision farming is now under way.

New report highlights key trends in Scottish red meat industry - 20-06-2016

The Scottish beef and pig herds increased in size during 2015 while the Scottish sheep flock contracted slightly, according to a report published by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) today (Monday June 20th 2016).

Meadow Foods leads market with milk price increase - 17-06-2016

Meadow Foods has announced that it will be increasing the price it pays for milk by +2ppl, with a +1ppl increase in July and a further +1ppl increase in August.

Feed Adviser Register case studies show measurable results - 16-06-2016

Case studies produced for the Feed Adviser Register (FAR) demonstrate the real difference that professional feed advice is making to livestock producers’ businesses around the UK.

Blowfly map to help farmers Strike First against parasite - 16-06-2016

Elanco has launched a blowfly strike map that will be automatically updated as cases are reported, providing a near live resource for farmers, vets and industry professionals.

British pigs set to go to India - 16-06-2016

A high-level delegation from the Punjab government has paid a visit to the UK to assess British pig production and genetics as the Indian state intends to develop its burgeoning pig sector.

JAB campaign hits the road - 13-06-2016

The Joint campaign Against Bluetongue (JAB) is launching a series of roadshow meetings to give updates on Bluetongue disease to local farmers, vets and the wider farming industry.

Blood test any ewes that aborted this year - 09-06-2016

Any UK sheep producers that have experienced more than 2% of their flock aborting this year are being urged to blood test affected ewes for exposure to toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion (EAE) – and do it before the end of July.

Trace element deficiencies knock lambs at weaning - 09-06-2016

Practices such as liming and spreading slurry have led to many trace element deficiencies in grazing around the UK. With many farmers thinking about weaning lambs, a deficiency could cause major losses of up to 200g/day growth rates.