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Zoonotic diseases can be more than an irritation
Published: 06/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diseases which can be transmitted between humans and animals must be taken seriously, says Farm Gate vet Mark Stott.

Control fluke in young stock to safeguard milking herds
Published: 06/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Rachel Porter identifies the best advice that SQPs can give on preventing liver fluke.

Survey shows different strategies on vaccination
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Farmers trust vets’ advice - but don’t always take it.

Lameness takes its toll on welfare and profit
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diagnosis of the cause of lameness is essential for giving the correct treatment and creating a successful prevention plan, says Farm Gate vet Mark Stott.

Focus on hygiene in fight against mastitis
Published: 04/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Diagnostics and good management are the weapons to help newly calved heifers, says Rachael Porter.

Plan turnout tactics to safeguard cattle health
Published: 02/2016 in DAIRY/BEEF

Dairy farmers will be looking forward to turnout, but need to minimise the risk of staggers and clostridial diseases. Farm Gate vet Mark Stott suggests tactics to follow.


Latest News
Livestock leaders meet to discuss post-brexit priorities - 25-08-2016

Access to the European market, regulatory burden and an agricultural policy that delivers confidence – these are the key issues for livestock farmers post-Brexit.

Dairy supply chain must adopt culture change over milk prices - 17-08-2016

NFU Scotland is seeking to meet with retailers and milk processors on the urgent need for the dramatic upturn in dairy markets to speedily feedback to farmers.

AHDB Beef & Lamb seeks views of pedigree sheep breeders - 16-08-2016

Pedigree sheep breeders are being asked to help inform the future development of performance recording services by completing an online questionnaire.

Norbrook ProCPD programme reaches 1,000th member milestone - 12-08-2016

Norbrook’s ProCPD programme, which provides technical information and advice for Suitably Qualified Persons (SQPs) to improve their animal health knowledge, has celebrated its 1,000thregistrant, following the programme’s launch in January 2015.

Livestock industry unites to help deliver future Government policy - 06-08-2016

Key stakeholders from the livestock sector across England, Wales and Scotland gathered in Birmingham on Thursday (August 4) to plan a route forward for farming after Brexit.

Badgers and cattle seldom meet - 05-08-2016

Close contact between badgers and cattle may not be responsible for the transmission of bovine tuberculosis, according to a new paper which paves the way for novel approaches to managing this controversial disease.

Future is bright for Scottish pigs - 03-08-2016

NFU Scotland’s New Generation Committee is teaming up with marketing co-op Scottish Pig Producers in a search for the pig farmers of tomorrow.

USDA announces reopening of Brazilian market to US beef exports - 02-08-2016

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reached agreement with Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply to allow access for US beef and beef products to the Brazilian market for the first time since 2003.

Efficient Swine Respiratory Disease control requires fast action - 01-08-2016

Merial Animal Health used its presence at the 24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (IPVS) in Dublin to highlight the threat of Swine Respiratory Disease (SRD) and its control in pig herds in the UK and Ireland.

SRUC hosts session on importance of playtime for piglets - 01-08-2016

It’s one thing to make toys for your children … but what about your pigs?